Introduction to digital photography techniques and manual camera settings.


Learn how to give your images professional look by taking control of your camera and going from  "AUTO" to full "MANUAL" mode.

In this 2-hour one-on-one class you will learn about the magic or aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the ways these three things make the difference between an average shot and the one you can proudly hang up on your wall.   

After you are familiarized with your camera you'll learn about the rule of thirds, how to blur the background, shoot without a flash, freeze motion and create special effects through manipulation of the shutter speed.  We will also discuss the benefits of shooting in RAW format vs JPEG as well as various lens and camera options.

After we've covered all the concepts and techniques you will practice your new set of skills on a live model. 

If you've just purchased a DSLR/mirrorless camera or considering getting one, this class is for you. 

Any camera with full manual controls is sufficient for this workshop.  If you are not sure whether your camera has those features email us the model number and we'll find out for you. 


The classes are offered throughout the week.  Please call for availability.


The cost of this investment is $145